Tri-Color Cleaning System

Brilliant Home and Office uses a Unique TriColor Cleaning system, and comprehensive 21-Point Home Cleaning Checklist during Premium Services to make sure your home is sparkling clean! With the Tri-Color system your home is split into 3 coloured areas, each with it’s corresponding products to ensure hygiene, consistency and efficiency. This system is a proven step-by-step process, which is not just professional in its approach, it is designed to give you outstanding results every time.

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21-Point Home Cleaning Checklist

Brilliant Home uses a comprehensive 21-Point Home Cleaning Checklist to make sure your home is sparkling clean!

Our Professional Home Service Providers follow these guidelines to a “T” and our Brilliant  Home Inspectors follow up to make sure each of the 21 Points have been performed to our highest cleaning standards. Let Brilliant Home and Office help your home shine as brilliant as can be!

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Small and Large Commercial Cleaning

We work with businesses of all types and sizes from Restaurant Cleaning and Office Cleaning to Gym and School Cleaning and Disinfecting.

Cleanliness is crucial to any establishment’s success, as dirty restaurants can cause serious health code violations. Brilliant Home and Office Cleaning knows how critical is this cleanliness subject for all the hospitality industry and for that reason we will take away from you all the trouble and the hassled of cleaning your establishment and we will thrive to have your restaurant, dealer, hotel or kitchen spotless, clean and flawless.

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They are fantastic!

They are fantastic! I thought I was only going to do a one-time clean but they did such a great job the first time that I remembered them months later. I hired them again as a birthday present to myself and they were just as great as the first time!

Two very punctual and friendly people came in and did everything from my dishes, to the floors, bathroom, bed, and every dusty crevice (the inside of a floor lamp). I would recommend them to anyone!

Thanks so much for helping make my birthday week restful and relaxing!

Stephanie C. ~ Voorhees

Reasonable for One bedroom apt!

Excellent cleaning service. I have used this service twice. They are reliable and extremely thorough. They are very reasonable for a one bedroom apt.

John S. ~ Clementon

Max Mustermann
Exceeded expectations…

I work two jobs and have a dog at home that sheds a lot. I was in desperate need of my house to be cleaned. I looked on here and read the other reviews and decided to contact Brilliangt Home and office. I filled out the estimate form online and they got back to me in no time with an estimate. I also contacted another company but Brilliant qouted me less to do a little bit more than the other company and honestly I think they did a better job than what the other company would have done.

Their availability was great and they sent 3 people over using their own cleaning supplies. They cleaned my floors, windows, kitchen, stove, microwave and dusted furniture. They even did something I didn’t ask for, but really needed cleaning, which was my dresser. TOTAL CHAOS!!! When I got home and saw they had arranged everything on my dresser that was the icing on the cake…

Danielle T.  ~ Deptford

Marky Mark


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